I Don’t Wanna Live Forever Video 🎶 Fifty Shades Darker


Video Playlist Of Jamie & Dakota

I have created a little playlist on YouTube of a few videos that I had saved of A couple Fifty Shades interviews with Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan on the Today Show, and a couple random ones and their is also the movie with Jamie Dornan called Flying Home, & The official Fifty Shades trailer. I just know how hard it is always looking for the exact video you want, so that’s why I have saved my favorite videos and put em on a playlist. I will add more as I find them but for now this is what I got. I wanted to share them with you all in case you haven’t seen any of em or If you’d like to watch em again lol. But remember it’s a playlist so if you push play it’ll just start playing a random video, if you look to the top left of the YouTube screen where it says Playlist, you can select Wich video you can watch. Thanks guys I hope you like and enjoy! – Jessica