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Fifty Shades of Grey’s Tie Makes It In This New Trailer!


Another version of the New Fifty Shades of Grey Trailer has been released and finally we get to see a quick clip of Christian Grey’s Iconic Silver Tie, and yes it was all tied up! Oh my. Ana’s plum dress also makes a quick appearance and is slowly being unzipped when it ends. Ugh! Seeing these trailers is making it a little harder to wait for the release of the film. February 13th will you please hurry up?!
Check out the new trailer below.

Did Jamie Dornan Get DeThroned By Charlie Hunnam As King?!

Jamie Dornan as The Falls Paul Spector & Charlie Hunnam as Sons of Anarchys Jax Teller

Jamie Dornan as The Falls Paul Spector & Charlie Hunnam as Sons of Anarchys Jax Teller

Last week it was reported that actor and director Guy Ritchie had met Fifty Shades of Greys own Christian Grey aka Jamie Dornan while at his Ashcombe Estate and was so blown away by the actor that he wanted to sign Jamie Dornan as King Arthur in his new Warner Bros film franchise “King Arthur” right then and there. It seems Jamie is keen on taking the role so that maybe he doesn’t get typecast for doing a risky film like Fifty Shades. But due to Jamie’s commitment to the Fifty Shades of Grey movies Ritchie has been finding it difficult to cast him right away. But now with an interesting twist it has been reported by deadline that Sons of Anarchy star and the original Christian Grey, Charlie Hunnam who had famously bowed out from Fifty Shades due to his immerse schedule with SOA where he plays sexy badass biker Jax Teller, is now Ritchie’s number one choice and is apparently in Final Negotiations to take the lead as King Arthur. Though nothing has been confirmed yet, just all talk for now. I know both men are excellent actors and would be able to step up to the task. Former super model turned actor 32 year old Jamie Dornan is rising to fame for his hit BBC drama The Fall and being awarded two IFTAs this year one for Best Lead Actor in a drama series and the other for Rising Star. Charlie Hunnam (age 34) has also done some modeling while being an actor but has had a harder time being acknowledged for his work being in the business for about 15 years as an actor he won his first award this year at the Chinese Hauding Awards for his part in Guillermo Del Toro’s film Pacific Rim but his series Sons of Anarchy being Emmy Snubbed every year. All I can say is these men just can’t seem to get away from each other, both of them are hot commodities in Hollywood right now but I’d be happy to see either one as King Arthur to be honest. I think they both got what it takes, but I just hope we don’t have to wait that long to hear the final outcome to see who will dominate the thrown as Sir King Arthur! Hopefully whoever it is will have their shirt off alot cause they both have fuckin sexy bodies and are drop dead gorgeous!

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Jamie Dornan Ties Down Another Movie Role

Jamie Dornan is Hot these days, after reportedly shooting to #1 on IMDB Stars Meter list and signing on a movie with A List actor Bradley Cooper in “Adam Jones”, and let’s not forget about how well the Fifty Shades of Grey movie trailer did by breaking records and getting over 100 million views making it the most watched movie trailer Ever. Now it has been reported by The Irish Post that Jamie has tied down yet another role this time the Lead as commandant Pat Quinlan in the Irish Thriller “The Seige of Jadotville”. Sounds like Jamie is super excited to be playing this role saying “I can’t wait to get into Jadotville” and that he’s a “huge fan” of director Richie Smyth. It sounds like director Richie Smyth is also very excited and is a huge fan of Jamie’s as well saying that he’s “Extremely excited to be be working with Jamie on The Seige of Jadotville. I thought his performance in The Fall was sublime”. All I know is that I cannot wait to see Jamie in this but it may be a while til it comes out since filming doesn’t happen til next year sometime after Jamie is done with the Fifty Shades of Grey Publicity Tour. But I’m sure Jamie will be cast in alot more movies while he’s on his Hot Streak! Good Job Jamie, Way To Go!