Doctor Dornan?! Yes Please! Jamie Playing Doctor In His New Movie


It is definitely apparent that Jamie Dornan is Hollywood’s hottest and most wanted actor right now, his star is shining bright and keeps on rising. It has been reported by the Hollywood Reporter that Jamie has been signed on to his next project where he will be playing the lead character Doctor Allan Pascal, in the Miramax psychological thriller “The 9th Life of Louis Drax” with Max Minghella writing the script and Alexandre Aja directing the film. The story begins with a young boy, 9 year old Louis Drax when he suffers a near fatal fall. In order to reveal the strange circumstances surrounding the incident, he goes to see Doctor Allan Pascal (Dornan) who is drawn into this thrilling mystery where he is testing the boundaries of fantasy and reality.

“This spectacular psychological thriller will be a classic Miramax production”. Miramax chairman Thomas J. Barrack Jr said “There is no better storyteller than Max Minghella and no more talented director than Alexandre Aja. Together they will weave a unique and masterfully crafted script with the bold and powerful talent of Jamie Dornan and his accompanying cast”. Filming will take place in Vancouver and will start in October. Though it has been previously reported that Jamie has signed on to other movie roles, such as the project with Bradley Cooper Wich is currently in production, but this will be his first movie project Where he’s playing the Lead character since wrapping up the highly anticipated Fifty Shades of Grey movie where he portrays handsome Seattle billionaire Christian Grey wich will be released February 13th 2015. I have not yet heard the release date for this new film, but I will definitely be waiting for it, I love thrillers and this one sounds great and I have to see Jamie Dornan in his new role as Doctor Grey, oh wait I mean Doctor Allan Pascal Lol.


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