Jamie Dornan Is A Wanted Man


Jamie Dornan is a wanted man! Earlier this week it was reported that Jamie Dornan was at Guy Ritchie’s Country Estate, Ashcombe House in England where Ritchie was hosting a clay-pigeon shoot with Vanity Fair taking the photos and making this part of the September issue, the event was for benefiting Julia’s House Children’s Hospice. It seems during this event Guy Ritchie was so blown away by Jamie and very impressed that he now wants him to play King Arthur Wich is the lead role in his upcoming movie Knights of the Roundtable: King Arthur. Due to Jamie’s outstanding performance as Paul Spector in The Fall and his casting as Christian Grey in Fifty Shades, he is super hot in Hollywood right now. But his obligation to Universal may be an issue since he is tied down to do the franchise with three Fifty Shades movies and Ritchie’s project is going to be a six movie franchise with Warner Bros. But apparently Jamie and his team are trying to make it happen to where he could do both deals. Guy Ritchie isn’t the only one impressed with Jamie Dornan right now, Fifty Shades of Grey screenwriter Kelly Marcel also praises Jamie at the DBA In Hollywood for An “Evening In The Writers Room” and during the Q&A, Miss Marcel says Jamie’s Love scenes should get him an Oscar. When bringing the story from pages to screen, she had to be very descriptive and couldn’t just write “they made love”. “So it was very embarrassing when you’re doing the studio notes around the table with 12 people” she says. But Jamie’s performance was outstanding in a scene where the line “Your my Popsicle” was said. “It’s genius! apparently they did that scene great” she said. “apparently Jamie is great at being soft and hard at the same time, Wich is hard to do as an actor. He’s going to get an Oscar! Well hearing that just makes me all the more excited to see Jamie and Dakota in action, can’t wait for this movie! It’s going to be hot!



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