Jamie Dornan Ties Down Another Movie Role

Jamie Dornan is Hot these days, after reportedly shooting to #1 on IMDB Stars Meter list and signing on a movie with A List actor Bradley Cooper in “Adam Jones”, and let’s not forget about how well the Fifty Shades of Grey movie trailer did by breaking records and getting over 100 million views making it the most watched movie trailer Ever. Now it has been reported by The Irish Post that Jamie has tied down yet another role this time the Lead as commandant Pat Quinlan in the Irish Thriller “The Seige of Jadotville”. Sounds like Jamie is super excited to be playing this role saying “I can’t wait to get into Jadotville” and that he’s a “huge fan” of director Richie Smyth. It sounds like director Richie Smyth is also very excited and is a huge fan of Jamie’s as well saying that he’s “Extremely excited to be be working with Jamie on The Seige of Jadotville. I thought his performance in The Fall was sublime”. All I know is that I cannot wait to see Jamie in this but it may be a while til it comes out since filming doesn’t happen til next year sometime after Jamie is done with the Fifty Shades of Grey Publicity Tour. But I’m sure Jamie will be cast in alot more movies while he’s on his Hot Streak! Good Job Jamie, Way To Go!


One response to “Jamie Dornan Ties Down Another Movie Role

  1. Jamie Dornan is a rare talent. Not only is he handsome and has everything else which makes hot, from film clips of progras he has been on, he is a fine actor. I wish him so much luck and happiness. I know his Fifty Shades trio will make him one of the top ten of the beautiful men.


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