Jamie Dornans Upcoming Co-Star Bradley Cooper a Fan of The Fall!

We recently got the news that Jamie Dornan would be starring in the new movie Adam Jones with Bradley Cooper. While being interviewed by Craig Ferguson, Cooper brings up that he watches alot of TV and is a fan of his upcoming co-star Jamie Dornans show The Fall. But he doesn’t know his name he says, the guy in Fifty Shades of Grey. Well I’m thinking he doesn’t yet know that he’s about to be working with him. I don’t think Bradley meant it in a disrespectful way, I mean I would have taken that as a compliment that an A-List actor like Cooper loves the show I mean after all Jamie is the lead character along with Gillian Anderson so he’s obviously saying he likes his work. But I bet they will be getting to know each other fairly well once they start filming. Check out the clip below! If you don’t want to watch the whole thing Wich is like 11:00min the part about The Fall starts at 2:40.


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