Watch Jamie Dornans The Fall Series 2 Trailer

Here is the brand new trailer for Jamie Dornans hit drama series BBC2s The Fall season two. In this short promo teaser Dornans character, killer Paul Spector is seen in the same room as detective Stella Gibson kind of standing and hovering around her looking scary and creepier than ever. It is implied that Paul is within reach of being caught this time, and I know he should be but if that happens then we won’t have a show anymore. So it’ll be interesting to see what happens this next season Wich will be six one hour episodes instead of five like the first season, and will be premiering in the fall some time. BBC has announced that There will be a screening in September in London with Jamie and Gillian doing a Q&A too. So it’ll most likely begin End of September or early October. If you haven’t seen The Fall yet, it stars our man Jamie Dornan as serial killer Paul Spector who has a certain type of woman he likes to stalk, tie up and then kill before bathing them and then lying them perfectly in their own bed nude. When detective Stella Gibson who is played by Gillian Anderson, hears about this serial killer, she heads to Belfast to try to find out who is committing all these murders so she can take them down. It was when I had seen The Fall is when I was convinced that Jamie could definitely portray Christian Grey. His work as Paul Spector is unbelievably brilliant, he is incredible. It was BBC2s highest rating drama in 8 years. If you’d like to watch The Falls first season it is on Netflix U.S. and it plays on Bravo and Netflix in Canada.


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