Watch Official “Fifty Shades Of Grey – Trailer”

OMG! I am speechless. The fifty shades of Grey trailer came out this morning and it totally met my expectations. It showed a little bit of everything I wanted to see. Yes even Christian Grey in his jeans in the playroom!  It starts off with Ana going to Grey House to interview him, and then a quick shot of Joseph and Christian doing the photo shoot. Next we see Christian wining and dining her with a helicopter ride, dinner at his parents and then a shot of them gliding! You hear Christian tell Ana his tastes are very singular and Ana responds with “Enlighten me “. Then we see Christian walking in the playroom wearing his jeans. Oh my.  He takes a riding crop across her back as she is kneeling down with her hair in a braid of course, and it ends with Ana blindfolded and chained up in the Red Room of Pain letting out a little sexy moan as she yanks on the restraints. Oh My!  It made me even more excited for this movie. I posted the video so take a look you can’t miss this and comment below let me know if this exceeded all your expectations or if your disappointed and what you would have liked to see. – Jessica


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