FSoG Teaser Trailer

This Weekend Beyonce shared a 15 second teaser Trailer from the Fifty Shades of Grey movie on her Instagram just a few days before the actual trailer. Just from the little bit that was seen in the clip, got me so excited for this movie. It starts off with Jamie Dornan as Christian Grey looking out of his office window at the beautiful view of Seattle, and then his finger tapping. It then cuts to a famous scene in the book where Christian has his hand on Anastasia’s thigh, moving up her skirt! Oh my! And then the last bit shows Christian with a key unlocking the door to his playroom, with the sound of Beyoncé’s song Crazy In Love playing in the background. I thought it was awesome, the movie looked beautiful and very well done. I cannot wait until this Thursday when Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson are on the Today show introducing this trailer, even better is the next day we get another day of Fifty Shades excitement with a look at behind the scenes of what went on making this movie. So I hope everyone has it marked down on their calendars because you cannot miss this! I posted a collage I made and the video of the teaser so If you haven’t seen it yet watch it now or if you have seen it but can’t stop watching then go ahead I understand. – Jessica



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