Tell Me Your Shady Story


What month were you born?

January- I Tickled

February- I Slapped

March- I Came

April- I Banged

May- I Licked

June- I Fucked

July- I Kissed

August- I Sucked

September- I Bit

October- I Spanked

November- I Ate

December- I Whipped

What date of the month were you born?

1st- Callum Keith Rennie

2nd- Elena Lincoln

3rd- Ana’s Step Dad Bob

4th- Jose Rodriguez

5th-Rachel Skarsten

6th- El James

7th- Luke Grimes

8th- Victor Rasuk

9th- Christian Grey

10th- Grace Trevelyan Grey

11th- Andrea

12th- Kate Kavanaugh

13th- Dana Brunetti

14th- Dakota Johnson

15th- Rita Ora

16th- Aaron Johnson

17th- Ethan Kavanaugh

18th- Carrick Grey

19th- Jamie Dornan

20th- Michael de Luca

21st- Sam Taylor Johnson

22nd- Max Martini

23rd- Elliot grey

24th- Marcia gay harden

25th- Mia Grey

26th- Jennifer Ehle

27th- Dylan Neal

28th- Ray Steele

29th- Andrew Airlie

30th- Jason Taylor

31st- Anastasia Steele

Whats your astrology sign?

Aquarius – On The Neck

Pisces – In The Thigh

Aries – On The Nipples

Taurus – On Their Face

Gemini – On The Ass

Cancer – In Their Mouth

Leo – In Their Eye

Libra – On The Tongue

Virgo – On Their Hoo Ha

Scorpio – On The Foot

Sagittarius – On The Lips

Capricorn – In The Ear

Feb= I Slapped 6th= E.L.James Aquarius= On The Neck


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