What Are Your Limits?!

IMG_17350067381458After reading Fifty Shades Of Grey and every women falling in love with BDSM loving, bad boy billionaire Christian Grey, it seemed like every woman wanted their own Christian. Yes he is a sex god and definitely knows how to please a woman, but he is also into BDSM. Now I know there are different levels of how BDSM is used and I think many would agree that Christian is definitely not quite as hardcore as some may be. But thats a whole other thing to get into. What got me wondering if this is something that women really want, and if so what are your limits. I was recently I was talking to a male friend of mine and I knew that he was into that lifestyle so I wanted to know aside from the little experience I have with that, because I know there is so much more and being as curious as I am, I had to know more. So we started talking and he was filling me in and explaining everything that he practices and what he expects of the his Girlfriend and things she would have to do and the extent of things. It made me realize how serious this can get and the physical pain that someone inflicts on another solely for the purpose of pleasure and that everyone has their own limits. In some cases its not just a little spanking here and there or using a blindfold and riding crop to tease a little bit. I mean what if the person wanted to use a whip and just whip the shit out of you 100 times or take his belt, bend you over his knee and whipped you until you bled and had black and blue welts all over your backside? Or go even further by wanting to tie you up and keep you locked up in a dark room for days at a time like a prisoner as punishment? So of course it made me think about Fifty Shades Of Grey and Christian and all the women that are fantasizing about him. Wich made me want to know, if you had met your “Christian” how far would you let him go, what are your limits?

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