Visit Christian Greys Neighborhood

Hello all you fifty shades fans! Anyone having some serious Fifty Shades Of Grey withdrawals like I am? We still have a little under a year before the movie comes out,  and we wait patiently everyday to hear if theres any news updates or some more hot pics of Jamie Dornan. But for the days where we don’t really have anything new to tweet one another, I’m glad we Fifty Fans have come together cuz it makes it a whole lot easier to get thru these Fifty withdrawals having all of you on twitter and facebook to talk to.

Anyway, we all know that Christian Greys Company and his home are in Seattle, Wa and most of the series takes place Here. I too live in Seattle so I thought I’d let you all in on a few of the places that are in Christians neighborhood and the places that Seattle is known for. Ill also be posting pics of these places and Christians actual penthouse inside the Escala building. So if any of you that are wanting to visit Seattle to check out the places that Christian and Ana have went to or If your coming here for the 50 Soiree this summer, you’ll now know Seattle’s most popular attractions that you’ll have to visit while your here.

The Seattle Space Needle is the citys Landmark and a very popular tourist attraction. It stands at

 a little over 600ft. With an observation deck at the top

going all the way around and it has a

restaurant with a view of the city wich


 Just down the street about a mile and a

half is Pike Place Market, A farmers market, crafts market, fresh seafood and produce. Theres shopping and an arcade for kids. Beneath the Main Arcade there are three floors of

unique shops, specializing in

collectibles, c

omics, jewelry, books, original art,

magic tricks and more.

Down at the pier on Elliot Ave is The Seattle Great Wheel. Only a few blocks away from Pike Place. The Great Wheel sits right at the edge of the pier looking over the water. Its about a 15 minute ferris wheel ride looking over the city of Seattle and The Puget Sound. Its great to go with friends or family, the cabins seat up to 8 people. I would recommend going in the evening so you can see the city lit up by lights, and also the Great Wheel is lit up with lights and always in different colors.

Last but not least you would definitely have to go see where Christian Grey lives. Many of you probably thought that Escala was not an actual place. When in fact it actually does exist. Escala has luxurious apartment homes and penthouses Located in Downtown Seattle in the Belltown neighborhood on 4th Ave. Only blocks away from Retail stores, restaurants, and bars. Also walking distance to Pike Place Market, and the pier. Be sure to check out the pics in the gallery.


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